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Choosing the right outdoor furniture, Part 2: How much space you have and complementary colors

by Millers Furniture on 2019-05-24 06:49:31

With so many options for outdoor furniture, how do you choose the best pieces for your space? In Part I of this article, we discussed the importance of determining how your outdoor space will most often be used. In this article, we'll discuss how to best utilize the available space you have, as well as how to choose colors that coordinate with or complement your home's exterior.

Choose pieces that best fit your space

There are so many ways to use an outdoor living space, it it can be tempting to fill it with a little bit of everything—a dining set here, a sofa there, perhaps a few chairs, end tables, and planters squeezed in throughout. But when you have limited space, a key component to creating a comfortable outdoor oasis is to resist the urge to fill it with too many pieces of furniture. Likewise, for the pieces you do choose, taking size and scale into consideration will help best utilize your available space.

Small spaces

A small deck, patio, or porch with too many pieces—or pieces that are oversized —will feel cramped, making it difficult for your family and guests to move around easily without bumping into furniture or each other. Bistro tables are an excellent option for small spaces, as they enable you to include a small dining area while leaving room for additional seating for lounging. Folding Adirondack chairs or folding end tables give you the freedom to add seating and tables as needed, while stowing them away and keeping your deck or patio clutter-free when those items aren't in use. Individual chairs or rockers—rather than large sofas, gliders, or swings—will give you greater flexibility in a small space.

Large spaces

Large outdoor spaces can be equally challenging to fill, because if your furniture is placed too far apart from each other and looks sparse, your space may not feel as inviting or as cohesive as you'd wish. Large outdoor spaces divided into several smaller sections can create an ideal environment for visiting with family or guests. For example, a large outdoor dining table—paired with a buffet or server for food and drinks—might make up a dining section, while a sofa, coffee table, and a some chairs and end tables may comprise a relaxing seating area that's perfect for conversation. Chairs and end tables arranged around a focal point such as an outdoor fireplace or feature garden can make your yard feel like an oasis without having to leave home.

Pick colors that coordinate with or complement your home's exterior

Outdoor furniture is available in an array of colors to coordinate with your home's exterior, and there are even more options when it comes to fabrics if you have cushions or accent pillows on your furniture. When choosing colors, take into consideration the colors of your home's exterior, and choose furniture that either coordinates with or complements those colors. Poly furniture is made to last a lifetime, so a good rule of thumb when selecting major pieces of poly furniture is to choose neutral colors for the furniture while using bold colors or patterns on the cushions to accent. Years down the road as your preferences change, it will be much easier to change fabrics than to completely change your furniture. If you don't choose outdoor furniture with cushions, another option is to select one or two pieces of poly furniture as accent pieces that feature a bolder color, while the rest of your furniture is neutral. Don't forget to take existing furniture into consideration, and make sure the colors you choose for your new pieces will coordinate with existing pieces.

If you're ready to start planning your outdoor space, take a look at the outdoor section of Millers Furniture for ideas, or visit either of our stores to get started. Our maintenance-free poly furniture will have you enjoying your outdoor space in no time!

choosing the right outdoor furniture

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