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Enjoy more time outdoors this Spring and Summer!

by Millers Furniture on 2018-05-09 07:03:16

Spring has definitely had its share of gloomy, rainy weather, so now that we are starting to get more and more picture-perfect days, it’s hard not to want to spend all your time outdoors. In fact, there’s no season like spring to be outside. The humidity and temperatures are generally bearable, flowers are blooming everywhere, and the bug population is still pretty low. If you feel it’s challenging to make time to be outside, here are some ideas: 

  1. Eat a meal outdoors. While a patio table or picnic table makes it a little easier to eat outside, a relaxing chair, a nearby park bench, or even a blanket on the lawn will do the trick. Throw on a jacket and start your day by listening to the birds as you sip your morning coffee. Return to work a more calm and productive employee after enjoying lunch outside. Or soak up those last rays of fleeting sunshine as you dine with your family al fresco. Whatever your schedule, it’s easy to fit in at least one outdoor meal on those fair-weather days.
  2. Make chores more fun by moving them outside. If you’re stuck with a list of chores that could potentially keep you indoors all day, try to move some of them outside. Got a pile of laundry to fold? Why not take your basket to the deck or patio and fold your laundry out there? You could even set up an ironing board if you have a convenient place to plug in an iron outside (and you’ll be able to see the wrinkles better, too). Have a grocery list or meal plan to put together? Take a notebook outside and make your list from the comfort of a glider, porch swing, or rocker (just make sure you take inventory of your pantry and fridge before going out). Need to help your kids with their homework? If you have a quiet yard and it’s not too windy, a patio table makes a great place to set up a makeshift homework station. After a long day in school, kids will likely look forward to the time outdoors…even if it means doing their homework. 
  3. Spend family time outdoors. Instead of getting lost in your favorite TV show after dinner, spend time with your family outdoors. Have a campfire and make s’mores for dessert, or read a bedtime story to your kids from the comfort of a lounge chair. They’ll think it’s fun to go outside in their pajamas and curl up with their favorite blanket. Outdoor games such as corn hole, ladder ball, croquet, horseshoes, yard dice games, or even good old fashioned kickball or volleyball are great ways to bring the family together or entertain guests.
  4. Exercise outside. Spring is the perfect time to exercise outdoors—before the weather becomes uncomfortably warm. Walking the dog, going for a run or bike ride, playing tennis, golfing, or hiking are great ways to get exercise. Don’t like to exercise alone? Consider joining a group, club, or sports team where you can meet new people who enjoy the same activities you do. Even if you feel out of shape and are concerned you’ll get left in the dust by the rest of the group, give it a few tries anyway. You’ll likely find a few people who are at the same fitness level as you, and you can improve your fitness together! 
  5. Discover a new hobby outdoors. Learn to grow your own food or tackle a landscaping project. Take horseback riding lessons or capture the beauty of nature through  photography. Learn to play tennis or golf. Sit on a swing and read a new book series.  Whatever it is, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try it! 

If you’re looking for ways to more comfortably relax and enjoy spending more time outdoors in your own yard, we’ve got solutions! From laid-back porch swings, gliders, and Adirondack chairs to cushioned poly sofas, we’ll help you make your patio, porch, or yard an extension of your living space!

enjoy more time outdoors this spring and summer

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Enjoy more time outdoors this Spring and Summer!
2018-05-09 07:03:16 by Millers Furniture