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New bedroom furniture? Consider these factors!

by Millers Furniture on 2019-11-20 13:57:27

Have you been considering overhauling your bedroom furniture, replacing or adding furniture for a guest bedroom, or upgrading furniture for a growing child or maturing teenager? If so, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to shopping for bedroom furniture, or how to decide what's best for your room. Choosing something you'll love and use for years to come requires thoughtful planning, so it helps to have an idea of what to expect before you start shopping. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


The one thing you should do before you even begin shopping is to make a list that includes your total room dimensions, the dimensions of current furniture items for comparison, and the dimensions of the space available for your new furniture. Since you'll want to avoid covering outlets, registers, or door and window frames, be sure your measurements take those items into consideration. Keep your list in a purse or wallet so you'll have it with you when you go shopping.

Scale is an Important Factor

Furniture that is properly scaled in proportion to the size of the bedroom will make the room look well balanced. A stately king-size poster bed is much more fitting for a spacious master suite than it is squeezed into a small master bedroom, just as a full-size bed and compact chest of drawers is better suited for a small guest bedroom than to a large master suite. No matter the size of your room, using furniture that is the right scale will help not only improve the balance, but the overall flow of the room.

Bed Options

A bed's design plays a much larger role than simply providing visual appeal. The right bed design for your room can help offset aspects that may be considered disadvantages. A bedroom with meager closet storage or limited floor space for dressers would benefit greatly from a bed with built-in storage beneath it. Multiple windows may make it challenging when it comes to arranging bedroom furniture, but a bed with a low headboard could provide a solution since it would be less likely to block windows. A shortage of linen storage could be solved by placing a trunk at the foot of a low-footboard bed. A low footboard rather than a standard or high one would make it easier to conveniently access blankets or pillows right from the bed. While it is still important to choose a bed you find visually appealing, the right bed design can also help improve the functionality of your room.

Design Style Options

What's your style when it comes to furniture? Do you prefer the clean, simple lines of modern furniture, the timeless, classic look of traditional furniture, or a transitional style that includes a blend of features from both modern and traditional styles? Consider how the new furniture will look with existing furniture or accessories that will be staying in the room, as well as the style of existing woodworking, flooring, and lighting fixtures, and shop for furniture that complements those aspects.

 Don't Forget Storage

There are many different options when it comes to storing your clothing and accessories, but the different terminology can make it confusing when you're shopping. Here are some of the common bedroom storage options you'll find:

Nightstands and Bedside Chests. While both nightstands and bedside chests serve a similar purpose—providing a surface next to the bed for cell phones, alarm clocks, lamps, books, etc.—they differ in height. Both are similar in width, but nightstands are typically shorter than bedside chests and may include one to three drawers or a combination or drawers and open storage space on the bottom. Bedside chests are taller than nightstands and typically have several stacked drawers—similar to a chest of drawers—but not as tall. A bedside chest is a nice option when space is limited since it can serve as both a nightstand and a small chest of drawers. 

Chests and Dressers. If you have limited floor space, chests are an ideal option because they are more tall than wide so they take up less floor space than dressers. Chests normally include around five to seven stacked, single-column drawers. Types of chests include chests of drawers, lingerie chests, and gentleman's chests. Dressers take up more floor space since they are more wide than tall, but because they're not as tall, they pair well with a mirror above them. For smaller bedrooms shared by two people, dressers can be a great option when there's not enough space for two separate chests because they can easily be shared. Dressers normally have two or three columns of drawers and three to four rows of drawers per column, making them easy to divide between two people.

Armoires, Wardrobes, and Chifferobes. Whether you have limited closet space or just need extra space to hang clothes, armoires, wardrobes, and chifferobes are a good solution since they typically include a rod for hanging clothes, plus shelves or drawers for folded clothes and sometimes for shoes as well.

If you're ready to start shopping for bedroom furniture, take a look around our website or stop in to either of our showrooms to get started. We'd love to help you find the perfect bedroom collection for your room!

factors to consider when buying new bedroom furniture

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