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Five ways customizable islands can be an asset to your kitchen

by Millers Furniture on 2018-12-14 14:42:15

As the holidays are upon us, have you found yourself wishing for more counter space? Maybe you could really use an extra place to cool and decorate Christmas cookies, or some additional room to prepare food for that holiday meal. Perhaps you're just tired of digging through overly crowded drawers when you need to find those long-lost utensils. Whatever the reason, adding a freestanding island to your kitchen could be the solution you're looking for, and we've got a selection of solid hardwood islands in a variety of sizes, with wood species and finish options to fit nearly every kitchen! Even the smallest kitchens could possibly benefit from an island that is sized properly for the kitchen. In fact, we've got islands in widths as small as 32”, all the way up to 75”—and many sizes in between! If you've never considered a kitchen island but have the space for one, read on to learn some of the ways an island can improve the functionality of your kitchen!

Extra food prep and counter space.

While it's nice to have extra food prep and counter space year round, it's especially helpful around the holidays if you host parties or gatherings and have large meals to prepare, or if you do a lot of holiday baking. Islands can really expand the useable space in your kitchen, making meal prep much more efficient.

Top options: With many of our islands, you can choose what kind of top you want on the island based on what your needs will be. For instance, if you need an island mostly for food prep, a butcher block top might be perfect for you. Or if you plan to add some bar stools with the island to provide extra seating in your kitchen, a drop-leaf top might be a good space-saving solution, since you can expand the top to allow more surface area for seating and then drop the top when you need the extra space in your kitchen. Other top options include wood, rough-sawn, granite, and tile, depending on your needs or design preferences.

Additional storage options. Aside from extra food prep and counter space, additional storage is one of the greatest benefits an island provides. Many of our islands offer custom, convenient storage options such as a 36-quart wastebasket tilt-out; a 3-tier pull-out; sliding shelves; a standing mixer lift; or wine rack. Having extra storage makes cooking a meal easier and more efficient, since you'll be able to retrieve what you need with ease. After all, trying to locate and retrieve pots and pans, mixing bowls, utensils, spices, or baking ingredients in crammed or disheveled drawers or cabinets is frustrating and inefficient. Even our smallest islands include a drawer and shelves beneath them. Islands are a great place to store small appliances such as standing mixers (especially if the standing mixer lift is an option with the island you choose), blenders, food processors, crockpots, or toasters. Islands with open shelves can display cookbooks or kitchen décor. The drawers provide extra space to keep your utensils, silverware, or kitchen gadgets organized and within easy reach.

Invaluable when you have company. Whether you're hosting a large holiday gathering or a small family meal, you'll find an island to be an invaluable asset to your kitchen. For buffet-style meals, islands can be used as an extension of your counters, making them the perfect place to set up self-serve “stations” for specific items such as appetizers, salads, drinks, or desserts. If you'd rather keep all the food together on the counter, an island could be used as a central place to keep dinnerware and utensils within convenient reach for your guests. Even if you plan to serve your guests at the dining table rather than buffet-style, an island makes a good place to sit the serving dishes before and after they've gone around the table, or a place to arrange the desserts.

Extra seating. Extra seating at the island comes in handy if you're hosting a large gathering and don't have enough seats at the dining room table. Islands also make a quick, convenient place for your family to eat breakfast or have a cup of coffee, or an ideal spot for kids to do their homework and have a snack while you're cooking dinner. On most of our islands, the top is several inches wider on each side than the island itself, so the overhang on each side provides an ideal place to put bar stools, assuming you have the space around your island for them. Or, if additional seating is your goal, a drop-leaf top can extend your island's top even more, allowing you to add 2-4 bar stools along the entire width of the island.

Display inviting decorations or healthy, grab-and-go snacks. Modern kitchens have become the hub of family activity, and we spend lots of time there. So why not make your kitchen feel comfortable and welcoming by displaying personal touches? A vase of fresh flowers, a holiday decoration, your favorite scented candles—whatever your style, an island top gives you an excellent place for displaying your items. Since islands are typically centrally located within the kitchen, they also make a convenient place to keep healthy grab-and-go snacks front and center for your family or guests.

Are you convinced that an island could be the perfect addition to your kitchen? Take a look at our website for some of the different islands we offer, or stop in to either our Plain City or Lancaster stores to get started!

Five ways customizable islands can be an asset to your kitchen

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